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TN70: The sow for profitability

November 10, 2016

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The TN70 is for professional pig producers, who strive to push the limits of productivity and profitability. TN70 is the ultimate base female that provides the highest contribution to finisher pig profitability.

Unlike any other commercially available F1 female, TN70 combines longevity, prolificacy and weaning ability with a top contribution to finisher quality. This makes the TN70 special:

Reproductive efficiency

  • TN70 clearly differentiates from other genetics in reproductive efficiency, while having an equally good or even better contribution to finisher quality. She is well able to rear all their piglets herself. This means less use of foster sows leading to a higher number of weaned pigs per present sow and less artificial rearing equipment so less costs.
  • TN70 has no difficulties of giving birth. It is a female that can do it on her own. Less birth assistance needed saves labor costs.
  • TN70 piglets are more uniform in weight at birth and in the finishing phase. Better uniformity at birth promotes piglet survival and number weaned. More piglets above 1000 gram save labor and are beneficial for finisher quality.
  • TN70 is unique in its high milk production capacity. This leads to heavier piglets at weaning and a better nursery growth rate. Heavier pigs at weaning are easier to manage in the nursery and have a lower mortality risk.
  • The TN70 is an easy to handle sow. Experience from the field and trials tells us that TN70 is an easy to handle female. Easier to manage sows save labor and improve the joy of labor.
  • The better longevity (i.e. stayability, robustness) of TN70 is another key differentiating point from other genetics. Mortality is low and the sow has strong and robust legs. Higher sow retention saves replacement costs. More robust sows save labor and improve the joy of labor.

Contribution to finisher quality

  • TN70 contributes to a high quality finisher: lower fat, more muscle, more daily gain and better FCR. Additionally, due to the better uniformity at birth, uniformity is expected to be better for TN70 in the finishing phase, leading to customer benefits in terms of more uniform market weights. More uniformity increases the percentage full-value pigs. The better quality of production leads to lower costs and the better quality of the carcass to a higher carcass value.


The uniqueness of TN70 lies in the combination of reproductive efficiency with a top contribution to finisher quality. TN70 combines prolificacy and labor efficiency with a top contribution to finisher quality.

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